History of Drinking Vinegar

DSC07436bLegend says that a courtier in Babylonia discovered vinegar from unattended grape wine, ushering in a new food preservation method into existence. Before modern refrigeration or pharmacies, the Greeks and Romans used natural methods of preservation to capture the essence of herbs, fruits, vegetables, berries and grains. Chimera Shrub drinking vinegars derive their origin from colonial times and a similar need of preserving the fruit harvest for winter and hard times.

Today shrub drinking vinegars are gaining in popularity, especially on the coasts, as a way to create craft drinks, cocktails and sodas.

Why the history lesson? We have taken our cues from those in the past to create Chimera Shrubs – a surprisingly tasty, refreshing, fruity (or savory), tart drink concoction using a time tested preservation method, namely vinegar, in order to harness the goodness that Mother Nature provides.