Chimera Drinking Vinegars at Clifton Market

We’re so happy and excited that Clifton Market has opened. It was conceived as a co-operative, community owned grocery store where the community can buy shares. The space was completely renovated from the old Kellers IGA into what it is today, a beautiful, full service grocery store right in the heart of Clifton.

Chimera Drinking Vinegars are now being sold at Clifton Market, so please go visit the market and get your vinegar on!

Chimera drinking vinegar sodas served at Findlay Market

Chimera Brands at Findlay Market

Chimera Brands at Findlay Market

Findlay Market is one of the oldest open farmers markets in the country. Chimera Brands now has a presence in the Findlay Market Biergarten every Saturday and Sunday.

We’re serving Shrub Sodas made with your choice of Chimera drinking vinegar and Pellegrino sparkling water. Very refreshing on a hot summer day!

Come on down and enjoy the market with a Chimera Shrub.

Chimera Hour (drinks and bottle retail)
Saturday, 10am-5pm
Sunday, 11am-4pm

Chimera Shrubs @ Art on Vine in Rhinegeist Brewery

Chimera_at_Art_on_Vine09738We were really excited to attend Art on Vine on Dec. 2015 and it was a great success. Chimera Shrubs along with a lot of other art vendors setup in Rhinegeist Brewery for the day, offering everything from arts, crafts, clothing and of course Chimera drinking vinegars! There are two rooms, the main larger room and a smaller room off of the main that included the tap bench. I have to say that I was a little worried that we were not setting up main room, but as it turned out, the smaller room had less noise and lighting was more pleasing too, so I’m actually happy we were in the other room.

Art on Vine was founded by photographer James Jenkins. During the Winter season, AOV is held indoors at the stunning space we call Rhinegeist Brewery where attendees will enjoy Cincy made craft beer and Shopping Local. It’s a great platform for many local artists and vendors to showcase and sale their Fine Art, Hand Made Goods and Photography.

This event started out in a parking lot on Vine Street in OTR with a portion of artist fees benefiting Over The Rhine Community Housing, the owner of the parking lot we were using with only 8 artists. Now Art on Vine hosts 60+ artists every month, filling Rhinegeist Brewery and receiving more than 100 entries each month. Art on Vine also seeks to benefit a different local nonprofit every month.

AOV schedule for 2016 is:

  • January 17th at Rhinegeist Brewery 1-7pm
  • February 21st at Rhinegeist Brewery 1-7pm
  • March 20th at Rhinegeist Brewery 1-7pm

More info:

Chimera Shrubs @ Fall Fest 2015 in Washington Park

Fall Fest 2015Come on down to Washington Park this Saturday & Sunday for a weekend of fall fun! We’ve got a jam-packed entertainment lineup for all ages. Vendors include Chimera Shrubs & Bitters and a lot of great vendors selling craft & homemade items, fresh produce, baked goods, & more.

We will be serving mulled hot Apple Shrub Cider and selling 16oz bottles of our Ginger Lemongrass Shrub, Hibiscus Honey Shrub along with a new Premium Shrub we’ve been working on for a while called the “Bee Stinger“, or Honey Lemon drinking vinegar shrub that uses lots and lots of raw honey! 🙂

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday Schedule:
Noon: The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati presents Little Red Riding Hood
2:00pm: Magician Charlie Cadabra
3:30pm: Casey Campbell Folk Kids Trio
5:00pm: Apple Pie Eating Contest
5:30pm: The Whiskey Shambles
7:30pm: The Magic Lightnin’ Boys

Sunday Schedule:
Noon: Madcap Puppets: Once Upon A Clock
2:00pm: “Musical Moments For Me and You” featuring Demi Mays of Growing Sound
3:30pm: Mark Utley and Bulletville
5:00pm: Jake Speed & The Freddies

Special thanks to our sponsors, Molina Healthcare, UC Health, 94.9 Cincinnati, and P&G. Free programming in Washington Park is produced by 3CDC.

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Chimera Shrubs @ Glendale Beer and Wine Festival

Glendale Craft Beer & Wine Fest 2015Glendale Craft Beer & Wine Fest is this weekend and Chimera will be there offering Craft Shrub Sodas for you to enjoy. We’ll be offering Ginger Lemongrass Shrub, Hibiscus Honey Shrub and Pineapple Tumeric Shrubs for your enjoyment. There will also be a lot of excellent craft beer and wine vendors such as Urban Artifact and many others.

The festival runs Friday through Saturday! Hope to see ya there!

More info:

Chimera Shrubs @ CliftonFest on Ludlow on Saturday

CliftonFest black color paletteBe sure to come down to the fourth-annual CliftonFest and get a Chimera Craft Shrub Soda and enjoy local eats from food trucks and restaurants; dance to live music from the likes of Wade Baker, Baoku and other live music. There’s also going to be a 5k run through Burnet Woods!

The festival runs Friday through Sunday and vendors will be setup all day on Saturday! Hope to see ya there!

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Fun at Second Sunday of Main

We all had a great time on SSoM yesterday. The weather was awesome with partly sunny skies and a little breezy. Thanks to all those who came by enjoyed our craft shrub sodas! It looks like the Food and Wine Classic  was being held at the same time in Washington Park and we got some crossover traffic from that with people walking over to Main to check out all the great vendors. Don’t forget that we’ll be on Fountain Square every Tuesday from 11am – 2pm selling the shrub concentrate and giving out samples.

We’ll see you next time at SSoM on Oct 11th!

Craft shrub sodas @ Mini Makers Faire 2015


Setup for Chimera Shrub Sodas

We all had a great time at Mini Makers Faire this year!

There were a lot of curious people walking up and asking what a “shrub” is and about drinking vinegars in general. It seems that a lot of people mention to us that they have an older relative who drinks vinegar as a health tonic, but thought it was not something they would wanted to try. After trying a craft shrub soda, we changed their minds!

The term “shrub” goes back to the Colonial days, but it originated in England. In the 17th century, vinegar was used in the preservation of berries and other fruits. Fruit preserves made in this fashion were themselves known as shrubs, and it was brought over to colonial America.

By the 19th century, recipes for shrubs used vinegar poured over fruit and left to infuse anywhere from overnight up to several days. The fruit was strained, sweetener was added, and then it was cooked until it was reduced to a syrup like consistency. The sweet tart syrup could be mixed with either water or soda water and served as a soft drink, or it could be used as a mixer in alcoholic cocktails.